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Simple Pleasures.
August 17, 2016, 22:09
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Today I decided to take things easy. I completed weeding and cleaning the patio in the sunshine. I did it gently, in instalments, between glasses of Sangria and cups of tea.

I varnished the stock I stained yesterday. ‘The what?’ I hear you ask, well not really, but I can imagine you asking. If all goes well, all will be revealed in the Second Quarter GUESS newsletter. More sangria, more tea.
I read some of Uncommon Sense by Reverend John Peck. I won’t be able to get to his memorial at the weekend so this is my way of celebrating his life and work. A cup of the Cup’s Gorgeous Grey tea.
An episode of The Wild Wild West  passed a little time. I am not sure whether I was drinking sangria or tea, it was towards the end of the afternoon.
I didn’t feel like cooking much in the evening. However I had the foresight to cook a fillet of salmon at the same time as I heated my lunchtime curry (one I’d taken from the freezer at breakfast time). I flaked the salmon and used it to fill an omelette.
Now I’m rounding off the night watching ‘Red 2’ again. A day of simple pleasures, a good day. Oh and my wife bought me smoked salmon, life is good. Oh and she brought Brie…and Stilton…life just gets better and better.


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