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My Cat And I
August 20, 2016, 23:45
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Wee Man

My cat and I sit in silence, side by side on the armchair. Me on the seat with my feet up. He upon the arm until, as is his wont he subtly shifts onto my lap. Sometimes he shifts so stealthily that I am unaware. Should I express surprise at finding him having moved he immediately considers it a declaration of intent to pet him and positions himself accordingly. Sometimes he moves back onto the arm, the better to meet me eye to eye and to head-butt me should I stop paying him attention. My cat has a hard head.

I had not wanted a cat. More precisely I had not wanted another pet. I like animals, I hate losing them. However it was a choice between us and the SSPCA or whoever re homes cats and I preferred him not to have to rely on the kindness of strangers and so the Wee Man became my cat. Perhaps I should say our cat, but he has firmly attached himself to me, perhaps because I am a softer touch than my wife. She is good to him, but noy prepared to spend as long in conversation with him. That’s what happens when you have a cat, you think they are talking to you and many of those conversations end with me desperately pleading, “What is it, what are you saying, I don’t understand?”.

The only time he is completely clear is when he stands at the back door and quite clearly says, “Out”. That doesn’t necessarily mean he wants to go out, but just that he wants the door open so that he can watch the world and decide whether to go or not. That’s not so bad in summer, but less comfortable in January. Some days he will spend mostly outside, coming in occasionally for a quick snack before once more demanding egress. Sometimes he only comes in for the amusement of demanding to be let out again immediately, or perhaps he’s just checking up on me to make sure I’m not doing anything of which he would not approve like eating fish when he’s not looking.

He likes his fish. Every Wednesday is ‘Fish Day’. Not Friday, he’s not a Christian cat. Like most cats he’s a sceptic. I know he’s a sceptic, I’ve seen the expression on his face when I tell him it’s too late, too dark to go out. However as I said he does love ‘Fish Day’. I am more concerned by his ‘cat cocaine’ habit. Yes he loves Dreamies and can be very demanding when he wants them. On the plus side if it’s late and I wand him to come it I just stand at the door and open the bag and he appears from nowhere at high speed. I used to think the advertisements were ridiculous, now I realise they are only just an exaggeration.

Some cats are delicate and precise in their movements. Wee man can be a bit of a bruiser. I have tried leaving my bedroom door open a little bit so that he can go in and out without battering it wide open. Total waste of effort, whichever direction he’s going he still shoulders it open! When I’m getting dressed I now turn my back to the bed. I mentioned he likes to head butt. Too often it’s my butt that gets butted, however I have learned that is preferable to being butted when facing the bed and that’s more than enough information.

However much I might not have wanted another cat, a house without a cat feels somehow empty as if the cat gives the house a presence that even its owners don’t. I won’t say a cat is not demanding, but I will agree they are less demanding than a dog. However when a cad makes demands he expects you to fill fulfil them immediately and there will be no peace until you do. You may be able to say no to a dog, you can say no to a cat, but it will utterly ignore you.

Cats are company…when they want to be. When they don’t want, you’ll just have to wait until they’re ready. The wait is worth it. I sit on my chair or upon my bed, my cat beside me and the stress of the day just melts away to the rhythm of his purrs.


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