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The Party’s Over…
August 30, 2016, 00:41
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Steam Powered Giraffe. Q & A

It’s time I was asleep after another long and satisfying day. The Asylum Steampunk Festival concluded today, but I have not yet had time to gather my thoughts on it. There will be blogs once I have had time to reflect upon it.

Like much of this year’s Festival today was, for me, dominated by Steam Powered Giraffe. I don’t think they realised just how big they are in the UK. Last night’s gig drew, according to the band, at over nine hundred their biggest audience to date. The demand to see them was so great that the Question and Answer panel had to be made a ticketed event to control numbers. It was well worth the walk to the Event Control to pick up a ticket.

The Q and A was great and the band answered a wide range of questions, some more candidly than others. What came across strongly is that they are a group of close friends who like working with each other.What was also apparent was that they really do enjoy interacting with as well as entertaining their fans. There is much more to say, but I am too tired to do so now.
Asylum may have concluded for this year, but it hasn’t finished. I know many people are heading home with ideas, many with purchases to realise those ideas. There are many who having now dipped their toes in Steampunk are ready to dive in to next year’s Festival. My head is buzzing with ideas too, over the next few months I hope to unravel them.


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