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Curry Leaves, Curry Left, Curry Right.
September 2, 2016, 22:49
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Today a wee break from Steampunkery

A few days ago I made onion bhajis using a new recipe and they were beautiful, tasty, and light. My wife and I ate some of them with a tub of my mother in law’s curry and it was good…very good. I had wanted to make curry, but had no curry leaves so her bringing curry was a very happy coincidence. She also brought some curry leaves. Today emboldened by my first attempt at onion bhajis, I decided to make them again and also curry whose recipe was on the same page (described in the recipe as yoghurt soup).

I must admit my bhajis tasted good. However I was at first disappointed by my curry. It actually tasted really nice, but it wasn’t the same as my mother in law’s. My wife pointed out that there was nothing at all wrong with my curry, it differed from her mother’s because I was using a different recipe. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was different from my mother in law’s and that’s okay.

The whole incident reminded me of my younger brother who lives in Lincolnshire. He decided to bake Lincolnshire Plum Bread, a local delicacy. When he ate the bread he was disappointed because it was heavier than the one he usually bought. While I was staying with him last weekend he bought a plum loaf in Lincoln, made by a different company from the one he usually buys. When he started eating it both he and his wife observed that it was just like the loaf he had baked himself. I remarked that it was obvious that there had been nothing wrong with his loaf he just used a different recipe from the one the local bakers used, but the same as the one in Lincoln.

Sometimes recipes do go wrong, sometimes disastrously. However different cooks, different regions, cook things differently. I think that ultimately all that matters is that you enjoy what you cook and the right recipe is the one you like. Of course someone else will inevitably prefer a different one and that’s okay too.


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