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Playing Catch-up With The Bible.


The one problem with going to Lincoln for the Asylum is that I got behind on some of my targets. One of my goals for this year is to read the whole Bible again, To save weight I didn’t take my ‘One Year Bible’ with me because I expected to catch up by reading several days at once when I got home.

My return exposed a flaw in my plan, I was going to be playing ‘catch-up’ on the barrel of laughs that is the Book of Job while the New Testament readings were from Two Corinthians. I have elsewhere described this set of Bible readings as Misery and Mysogeny. In terms of tedium…well let’s just say I didn’t rattle through the readings as quickly as I had hoped If Job was miserable Paul was self serving and avaricious, One Corinthians actually had some good arguments (assuming one accepted the premises on which they were based), however the sequel is pitifully sanctimonious and self justifying. I can’t help closing the Bible each day with a strong feeling that Paul invented Christianity as a means of manipulating people into providing him with income and status. Of course he lived so long ago it is impossible for anyone to really know his mind, but this second letter to Corinth leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth and the stink of rotten fish in my nose.

Fortunately things picked up when Job gave way to the wonderful Ecclesiastes. The writer, the Philosopher, is so beautifully cynical I just revel in every word. Had he lived these days he would have probably been agnostic and rejected both the quasi religion of Dawkinism as well as Judaism and all the rest. He couldn’t express the cynicism of religion he obviously felt as fully as he would have liked, it would have got him killed, Jews didn’t tolerate any belief other than their own in those days. One thing the writer of Ecclesiastes demonstrates is that human nature remains largely unchanged with the rich and powerful exploiting the weak and foolish. Humans were as gullible than as now, as inclined to be led by their appetites rather than logic, and society was no less corrupt.

I don’t know what the writer of Ecclesiastes would have made of Jesus, but I suspect he would have had nothing but contempt for Paul. Actually I’m sure he would have been equally contemptuous of Richard Dawkins, Owen Smith, and all the politicians, preachers, aristocrats, businessmen, and celebrities who are deluded enough to think they are better than others. The fools who think that somehow their ability to walk on two feet makes them better than the animals they kill and eat. Those who toil in misery for wealth which never occurs as adequate. In the end all our endeavours are meaningless, all our beliefs are folly. There is only one thing of which any one of us can be certain and that is the inevitability of death, no matter how hard we try to prolong our lives the end is inevitable and inescapable. The best any of us can do is to enjoy ourselves now, while we can. On that note I may delay playing ‘catch-up’ and read Ecclesiastes again, in a somewhat dull set of scriptures it is a gem of humour and good sense. There’s something very much of the Taoist about the writer of Ecclesiastes, I like him!


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