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The Jewish Conspiracy, The Media, And The Big Lie.

Clifford’s Tower York

Of all the alleged insults used during the Labour Party’s current crisis there can have been none as reprehensible as Michael Foster’s attack on Corbyns supporters calling them ‘Sturmabteilung’ (Nazi Brownshirts). I think most decent people are wondering why, when thousands have been suspended from voting for accusing others of being Blairites, it has taken so long to take action against Foster. Now Michael Foster is claiming in the mail on Sunday that this marks the start of a purge of Corbyn’s opponents. However what the Mail fails to report is that Corbyn is not responsible for Party discipline, the officials who have suspended Foster have have already suspended thousands of Corbyn’s supporters, had they not taken action on Foster’s far worse abuse they would have had no defence whatsoever against charges of bias. As it is this delay plays right into the hands of those who suspect the delay to be motivated by a fear of the Jewish lobby an impression that some in the British Press seem determined to foster.

The suspension of Michael Foster is coincidental, not only with the Mail’s article which accuses Corbyn of personally engineering the suspension, but also two attacks on Corbyn for anti-Semitism in the Guardian. One claims that Corbyn not taking days out of his leadership campaign to visit the Holocaust Museum in Israel demonstrates his Antisemitism. One has to wonder why anyone would invite him to suspend his campaign at this time except for malicious reasons. It is obvious he has no time just now to go off on a jaunt to the museum, the invitation might be suspected as having been made purely to engineer another claim of Antisemitism. The other article was a claim that Jews in the Labour Party feel unsafe because of Corbyn. Some may, but others have gone on record to support Corbyn. It also attacks the investigation into Antisemitism in the Labour Party by Shami Chakraborty.. I think the fact these continued attacks evidence is that it doesn’t matter what Corbyn does, there is a deliberate intention by certain people to repeat claims of Antisemitism in the hope that a lie repeated often enough will come to be believed. It would be entirely in keeping with the tone of the debate were I to now make reference to Dr. Goebbels, but not being a Labour Party member nor an English journalist I don’t intend to stoop so low. However that illustrates the other point of this unremitting media campaign about Antisemitism, its primary purpose has nothing to do with the plight of Jews in the Labour Party, it is intended entirely to damage the reputation of the party as a whole so that regardless of who is elected leader it is unable to win the next General Election.

There is a question of whether there is Antisemitism in the Labour Party, I have no doubt that there is, and in every other party as well. Antisemitism is endemic to the English psyche, from the Normans through to Dickens’ Fagin and beyond. I remember a teacher at my school forcing a Jewish boy to eat sausages, claiming them to be Beef. Perhaps they were, I do not know, but the boy believed otherwise and weeping was forced to bite and swallow enough to provide the teacher with his petty victory. Actually the post Brexit attacks on foreigners suggest that xenophobia generally is a British trait, but the Jews have always been a visible minority and an easy target.

What I worry about is the Antisemitism that deliberately sets up the Jewish community as a target for hatred. The Antisemitism uses the Jews as a human shield to protect Labour’s enemies in the media. Of course it doesn’t help that Israeli media like the Jerusalem Post seem to have bought into the myth. It appears to me almost as if the media are deliberately trying to stir up anti Jewish feeling in the hope of provoking an incident just as ISIS use attacks in Europe to drive a wedge between European Muslims and their neighbours. I would suggest that before anyone rushes to believe the papers they should consider who has the most to gain from these allegations. For centuries the establishment have used the Jews as a convenient Scapegoat onto which to displace the hatred of the peasants. Surely by now the common folk, Gentile and Jew and Muslim, Black and White, Gay and Straight, Catholic and Protestant, Abled and Disabled have learned better than to allow the establishment to drive wedges between them and turn them against each other instead of their exploiters?


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