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​A Change In The Weather
September 19, 2016, 22:22
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Here’s a post I drafted a few weeks ago just after August’s short spell of sunny days. I am tired tonight and in reflective mood so it seems a good time to post it.

I can’t imagine that anyone would say that the weather this summer in Scotland has been good. However everybody’s spirits have been lifted by three days of sunshine, line dried washing and barbecues. Needless to say the weekend weather is predicted to be wet and windy. The good thing about our bad weather is that when we do get a dry day we really appreciate it. The other thing about weather is that it does change, it may feel sometimes like it never will, but it will and it always does.

We just need to watch the weather and the seasons to be reminded that the only thing that is inevitable in our lives is change. From spring, through summer to winter; from infancy through, hopefully, to old age. No matter how much we try and resist it change is inevitable. We hardly notice the small changes a rise in body temperature during dinner, an elevated heartbeat watching the rugby. We shift position almost unconsciously, some of us uncomfortably, and we get used to the odd twinge. We notice the first grey hair but soon we scarcely notice the loss of colour exceptwhen we actively compare it with how we used to look.

Around us things are changing all the time. The last time I became redundant I was surprised to find that the boards with advertised jobs had vanished from the Job Centre, while I had been working the computerisation of unemployment had proceeded without my awareness of it. I suppose I am of that age group that is most acutely aware of the intrusion of technology into every aspect of our lives. We were born into an age of machines and labour intensive industry. My grandchildren have come into an electronic cyber age, they have never known a world where Ratchet and Clank did not exist.

When I encountered Pong for the first time in the Miners Arms, Greenhow I never realised how sophisticated Arcade and Computer games would become. I never realised the Miners Arms that felt like part of the landscape would revert to residential cottages.

I never thought my old school would admit girls or that a socialist would be elected leader of the Labour Party. It occurs me that as much of the music I listen to was recorded by people who are dead as by people still living, but change is inevitable…okay Keith Richard is still with us, but in general we expect people not to go on for ever.

Given the inevitability of change I wonder why people try so hard to resist it. The whole beauty industry survives on trying to turn back the passage of time. In politics so much effort is wasted on the struggle to perpetuate the status quo that was once the last big change, as we can see when we look at Labour. I watched much of the break up of the British Empire, I saw the end of the Soviet Union and Britain join and leave the European Union. I have seen the independence of Scotland and the unification of Ireland go from the impossible dreams of a few outsiders to become real aspirations in the minds of the many. I have seen futurists and pollsters predict the future sometimes correctly, but frequently wrongly. I don’t know what will happen except there there will be change and as for that change, like all change, it will change. That change will occur is the only thing on which we can depend.


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