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OCD, Uneven Eyes, And Multiple Vanishing Points.
September 19, 2016, 00:32
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The other day a friend on Face Book posted one of these silly quiz type things that are so popular. This one was a pictorial test for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Those with OCD would ostensibly recognise which of three pictures was somehow different from the other two.

I immediately spotted the difference. However all that demonstrates, surely, is that I am observant? From the comments I am reasonably certain that most people could tell the difference. I do not have OCD and I do not think it, or indeed any psychological condition, should be trivialised. It’s not just a matter of being put out because one picture is different from others, for those who have it it is a debilitating condition that can severely impede their ability to function effectively. Like all psychological conditions its diagnosis is a matter for experts rather than online quizzes.

I am not saying that there is no place for online quizzes when designed by health professionals. However their administration and evaluation should be performed by professionals. I know we all like to do these tests, I have done lots, but the only self diagnosis I can successfully confirm is one of Chronic Hypochondria. (Before the internet I had a nurse’s dictionary and all my ailments occurred in alphabetical order!)

On the OCD front I always have a slight problem because my Aspergers gives me a liking for order that some people confuse with OCD. It is a very different thing and does not prevent me from functioning normally. Okay I may straighten your pictures, and I may like to follow certain routines, but the discomfort I get from the disruption of my order rarely causes me to be unable to function.

If I do try and straighten your pictures you should probably stop me. I may straighten them onto a slant, because I have one eye higher than the other, (every shelf I put up is on a slant!). Leave me alone without a spirit level and you’ll come back to a room full of sloping pictures. I am even worse in older houses where the angles of the corners are not ninety degrees because I will try and set things parallel with the edge of the ceiling, the skirting or with a vertical wall…I can readjust for hours!

An interesting spin off from this is the reason I would never make an artist. I have a bad habit of moving my focal point to each component of anything I draw so that each object has its own perspective. That’s just the way I am and the way I look at things. No two people respond to the world in the same way and no standard test will fit everybody. I won’t tell anyone not to do tests on Facebook whether psychological or woo woo (you know the sort of thing…’What Is My Spirit Animal?’ or ‘Who Was I In My Past Life?’ yadi yada). However if you come up with any result that causes concern, don’t go straight to Google, consult a qualified professional, it could save a lot of worry…

Do you want to hear about my anxiety issues? No?

You know I have problems with rejection?

No, don’t close the page!

Hello? Hello?

Sometimes I think people are ignoring me!



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