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Mad Hatter
September 22, 2016, 21:36
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I am writing this on my phone and I’m damned if I can get it to format properly!

Today I went into town, as I often do, to meet my wife’s train. She had been in Edinburgh at meetings and I think she enjoys it when I meet her and accompany her home on the bus.
These days I tend to wear my Brown Derby instead of the Fedora I’ve worn most often for the last quarter of a century. So today was a Brown Derby day, it goes well with my brown jacket with its 57th Overlanders patch. It is one of my more expensive hats and I love it.
Today on the bus home there were some people who had obviously wound down from the working day by partaking of a ‘wee refreshment’. I have no problem with that, I too have been known to take a wee drink on special occasions like days with vowel in their name. The passengers were causing no problems on the bus and so I ignored them. 
Unfortunately one of them was unable to ignore my hat and as he left the bus snatched my hat from my head. I shouted and gave chase.


It’s amazing how quickly I was off the mark. I was at his heels as he left the bus. He glanced over his shoulder as I raised my walking stick to strike. I am not sure what he saw in my face, but he very quickly threw my hat back to me saying “Here’s your hat!” I paused to catch my hat and he took off quickly. I got back on the bus, the driver had waited, fortunately.

Would I have hit the chap who grabbed my hat? Damn right, I was going to! My wife was not pleased as she thought it might be considered assault. However as I pointed out, on my part it was self defense. Some people are hat people and their hats are a part of them. You don’t want to make a hatter mad and hell mend you if you do ’cause vinegar and brown paper won’t.


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