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The Pakora Problem
September 25, 2016, 22:21
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Some weeks ago my wife and I went to our optician (Jordan’s) in Ayr. After our appointments we went to have a coffee and found a nice little café that also sold second hand books. For a pound we bought ‘Great Indian Dishes’ by Rafi Fernandez. The first page has recipes for Onion Bhajis and for Curry (a spicy yoghurt soup made with gram flour). The Bhaji recipe is good and I use the batter for all sorts of pakora now so much so that Friday has become Pakora Day.

I told my wife that the idea was to make a batch of pakora, have some with tea on friday and have plenty for the weekend. She laughed. The problem with fresh pakora is that it is very difficult to only eat a few and this is a very good recipe giving a delightfully light and tasty result. I rarely am left with enough for the weekend, but if I have some for Saturday I am content.

I remember I thought I would save money by making bread in a bread machine rather than buying a couple of loaves every week. What I had not foreseen was that there would be no saving because faced with freshly baked bread people just eat much more of it than they would supermarket loaves.

Any home baking suffers the same fate, the saving over buying ready-made products is quickly ‘eaten up’ by peoples increased appetites. I suppose home-made is better in many ways than shop bought products, at the least for the control of the quality of the ingredients, but they represent no overall saving unless one is very disciplined. Faced with the reality of the pakora problem could I go back to an occasional takeaway from the local restaurant? I dare say I could, but regardless of my appetite, the sheer pleasure of fresh, home-made pakora means Pakora Day will remain a regular part of every week.

Success! I managed to have pakora on Friday as well as plenty for the weekend. I had worried I might not manage it, especially as pakora is so very moreish, however I have discovered the solution to the pakora problem….make lots of them! It may have done nothing for my economy nor for my waistline, but I am well satisfied. Perhaps a little too well satisfied and content, very content. As for our cookery book, I am not yet inclined to move beyond the first page!


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