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MCM 2016


Oh isn’t it big! I have never been to the big Comic Cons in the USA, but I am not sure they would impress me any more that MCM in terms of size. I was impressed at how quickly the entry queue at the SECC moved. We did not have to queue for long before we were in the 20160924_133240Comic Con. It was then that its shortcomings became apparent.

There didn’t appear to be any sort of program to tell people what was happening. I don’t 20160924_114634know whether there were any panels and if there were when they were. There was a meet and greet, I only know because I found it as I wandered about and I only know who was there by the signs at the tables, On a positive note there was a food court, over priced as at every event, but big and varied.

In the end I spent the whole day wandering around the stalls, taking some photographs, being photographed and introducing enquirers to the existence of the Glasgow Ubiquitous E Steampunk Society. I gather we had a dozen applications to be added to our Facebook Group from the weekend, which is gratifying. Unlike some of the smaller Cons there were a couple of Steampunk stalls, sadly Victoriana for the Voluptuous Vixen wasn’t there, but those that were were fairly reasonably priced. Of course as MCM is serving a wide range of genres it couldn’t hope to be as satisfying for me as a dedicated Steampunk Festival or Bazaar. Sadly most of the dedicated Steampunk events tend to be South of the Border so we have to grab what we 20160924_133338can up here. It was nice to find quite a few Steampunks wandering around several from South of the Border. Had the other GUESS members who took photographs uploaded them to our page they’d be illustrating this, in the meantime I’ll just use the few I took.20160924_144704

I was disappointed that the Rebel Con alternative Masquerade had to be cancelled because of the bad weather, particularly as it was the only thing that was happening whose time and location I knew in advance. It appears that the reason for the Rebel Con was removed by the accommodation of those who wanted to perform in the official masquerade…I never found out when or where that was!

It may sound as if I didn’t enjoy the event, but that would be wrong. I had a wonderful time. I just love the imagination and work that the cosplayers put into their Cosplays; creating outfits and accessories, intricate face painting, building EVA armour 20160924_122532and prosthetics, some had actually used metal…heavy, and learning moves, speeches and songs. It always makes me smile when confronted with a camera they drop into poses associated with their characters and then stroll off being 20160924_162415Iron Man, Batman, Sailor Moon or whoever they are cosplaying.

We were interviewed by BBC Scotland who were including participants’ comments in their piece about MCM on Sunday’s Good Morning Scotland. The item filled the last half hour of the program and focused very much on cosplay and included a fair amount about Steampunk with several references to the Asylum. All in all a very gratifying weekend, I think next year I shall go on both days.



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