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I Went to the Cinema


I went to the Cineworld Multiplex in Renfrew Street to day to see the new The Magnificent Seven and I thoroughly enjoyed the film. However this is not a film review. I appreciate that cinemas, like any other business need to run at a profit if they are to keep providing the service they do. I have an Unlimited Card which enables me to go to the cinema whenever I like for one good value monthly payment and I appreciate that too. I like Cineworld, I have had an Unlimited Card since they were introduced by UGC.

The Cineworld in Renfrew Street is undergoing a major refurbishment and I think it fair to call it a real improvement. I love that the former bar has been separated into a bar (very good discount for Unlimited card holders by the way) and a Starbucks (let’s face it Cineworld coffee leaves a little to be desired). The toilet facilities are greatly improved, they’d be better with another hand dryer on each level, I cannot comment on the Ladies. The whole place is becoming much more enjoyable to visit.

But, as Jeremy Corbyn said to Labour Party Conference, “There’s always a ‘but!’” I have found the Cineworld App upon whose information I plan my cinema visits is now inadequate for its purpose. I arrived today to see my film as advertised at Eleven Thirty. It was only when I got to the cinema that the girl on the desk told me. “That’s a DX4 film.” Apparently that meant there were all sorts of added extras like shaking seats, water sprays, air jets, and smells. I asked whether there were any normal seats to which dhe responded that there were, but not until Half Past Two…a three hour wait.

There was, she told me an alternative, I could see the film on the special screen at Twelve Forty. I asked her what the difference was and she explained that the screen was bigger and the sound, apparently, better. However I would have to pay a £2.50 premium.

Rather than wait three hours I paid up. That was £2.50 wasted as far as I’m concerned. I could not perceive any enhancement of my viewing experience. Perhaps has I been watching a 3D blockbuster it might have been worth it, but I wasn’t. Still I did enjoy the film. I am annoyed that I was put into the position of having to pay extra or lose a large part of my day because Cineworld had provided me with insufficient information. I accept that they are in a period of change, but it is unfair on their regular and loyal customers to mess them about however inadvertently. While they are busy upgrading the building they should, to avoid disappointment, update their Cineworld Phone App as a matter of priority.


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