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Listening To Corbyn
October 6, 2016, 22:49
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The problem with the media coverage of Jeremy Corbyn is that it is heavily edited and prevents people getting a holistic view of what the Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn stands for. Today, despite being in the middle of a shadow cabinet reshuffle, Corbyn came to Glasgow to deliver the annual Jimmy Reid Memorial Lecture.

Jeremy Corbyn’s lecture on ‘Industrial Strategy, a Productive Economy and Secure Jobs.’ demonstrated that Labour has a cohesive and well thought out economic policy that integrates with a whole structure of policies on health, human rights, employment, education and defence. More importantly the lecture showed that Corbyn has a positive vision for the future of the UK within the world, based on solid evidence from around the world.
It was a measured and powerful lecture, short on rhetoric and heavy on content lasting around an hour and followed by questions. Corbyn spoke passionately and unlike most politicians didn’t rely on sound bites and rehearsed formulae, but interacted with his audience and actually answered the questions he was asked. I am not a Labour supporter, but what I saw was a leader with his eyes on victory. 
I am an independence campaigner and an SNP supporter. I don’t think Kezia Dugdale’s Labour provides a threat to the SNP. Teresa May’s Tories are a vote winner for the SNP. But Corbyn? I think Corbyn is the real challenge for all the other parties, he could change the whole balance of UK politics unless his parliamentary party manage to undermine him and drag Labour back to the Neo liberal consensus shared by the Blairites and Tories. On tonight’s showing, and with the support he attracts, I can see Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister.


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