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Cold Food, Warm Glow.
October 7, 2016, 23:13
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20161007_175135-01Had I had a plan for today, today would not have gone to it. I suppose I had a sort of plan, but it went no further than going to Ayr with my wife to have lunch and then collect our new spectacles from Jordan’s Opticians.

The day started somewhat more slowly than anticipated and by the time we got to Ayr lunch was long passed and so we did not get the Macaroni Cheese to which we had been looking forward. However we did go to the Cookery Nook to buy the Gripper (jar opener) that they didn’t have in stock when we were last in Ayr to have our eyes tested. We might not have got our Macaroni Cheese, but coffee and home baked cakes and scones in Book and Bun was a happy alternative. Needless to say we ended up buying books…some habits are hard to break.

We collected our eyeglasses and went for a wander through the town rather than risk the rush hour traffic. As we rested a while on a bench some yards from the Gaiety Theatre a young woman asked to take my photo for an art project. I was not wearing Steampunk so it was a wee bit of a surprise, but I’m always happy to help. We set off about the time I had anticipated being home to watch Strictly It Takes Two and after driving around the streets of Ayr for some time we found ourselves on the road home. It’s nice sometimes to explore new places, unfortunately I’m not sure where it was we were exploring, but it’s an attractive town, on the whole.

Our timings were by now well adrift and so rather than cook we decided to buy a takeaway on the way home. While I waited for our food to be cooked Neelam went into Asda for some shopping. We had intended to get home and eat our food while it was hot. However when I got to Asda I discovered my wife helping an old Indian Woman packing a trolley-load of fruit punnets into bags. It turned out the woman seeing another Indian had asked Neelam if she might have a lift to the bus stop. She said she was going to near Lidl. Now there was no way Neelam was going to allow an ould woman who walked with a stick to struggle with five heavy bags on the bus. So it was we decided to run her home which turned out to be in Garnethill. We were somewhat later home with our food less hot than anticipated. However with the warm satisfaction of having used our time well we enjoyed our meal.

The funny thing is that although almost no part of my day passed as planned or expected and I’m later to my writing than I’d like I am well content. Some days are good days even though they are full of surprises (I don’t like surprises) and today was a good day. I think I will sleep well tonight.


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