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The Past Is Another Country
October 8, 2016, 23:04
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In two consecutive television programs tonight the quotation, “The past is another country.” has been used. Its a country where I have spent much of my evening.

I am drinking tea, eating Garibaldi biscuits and thinking of my father. He loved Garibaldi biscuits and I can’t eat them without thinking of him. At the same time I was watching Michael Palin interviewing Jan Morris who as James Morris has covered the first successful conquest of Everest. I was watching film of the year I was born and it really doesn’t feel so long ago.
I was amused by the next program with Boy George talking about his childhood in the seventies as if it were long ago. I was in my twenties, left-wing, politically active…I am still left-wing, but far less active in every way. 
Both programs were much about gender identity and sexuality. Jan Morris talking about transsexuality and transitioning said “Everyone’s doing it now…” I think not, however I suppose we are all much more open these days. It’s certainly true that in the days when I wanted to be a ballerina, it wasn’t generally possible. My mother told me kindly that I couldn’t be a ballerina, but I could be a ballet dancer like Rudolf Nureyev. I didn’t want to be Rudolf Nureyev, I wanted to be Margot Fonteyn. I am glad now because I’m a happy grandad and about about to celebrate my thirty fifth wedding anniversary. 
Thirty five years married to a wonderful woman who is also my best friend. I have always struggled to make sense of the world and my place in it. She actually can explain me to me, and I love that she embraces my fluidity and eccentricity and loves me anyway. I think we could have at least another thirty five years together, I hope so.


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