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wpid-captured_by_snapseed_2_2_1.jpgFor the last two Novembers I have embraced the National Novel Writing Month challenge. One month, one novel of at least 50,000 words. The first novel grew far beyond November and requires some topographical research before I can complete it. The second, ‘Brianna: A Life Between Lives‘ I self published and is available on Amazon. It is an exploration of the underlying metaphysical realities of existence as they are revealed to a woman whose post mortem status is to be determined by a tribunal. In the meantime she is guided in the Astral planes by Caraid whose identity and status remain somewhat of a mystery until the final denouement. Having completed Brianna I crossed off another item on my bucket list and thought this year I would just kick back and enjoy November. At this point the only things in my diary are a trip to Inverness and a gig in Edinburgh on the nineteenth, to which I have yet to buy tickets.

Writing is addictive and so are writing challenges. A few days ago Sarah, a friend of mine, announced she was going to do NaNoWriMo again this year. This is October and as November approaches I have found myself increasingly inclined to give NaNoWriMo another go. I have an idea sloshing around the troubled waters of my mind, actually several. However one idea is pestering me more insistently than the others. I can see and hear the protagonist Cain and he refuses to be silent. He invades my dreams and my quiet moments. I have had to tell him that I will not write his story until November, otherwise I will not be eligible for the challenge. And so I wait patiently, he less so irritatingly. Today I committed myself publicly again to NaNoWriMo. On the first of November I shall begin writing ‘Cain At The Edge Of Space’ (a working title, it may change). This year instead of blogging in November I am going to post an uncorrected instalment of ‘Cain At The Edge Of Space’. Whether I will be able to complete it on November the Thirtieth is another matter.

To anyone who has never participated in National Novel Writing Month, but who has an idea for a novel floating around in their head, I say this could be the kick-start you need. A month of intensive writing probably won’t leave you with a polished work of art. However it will leave you with something you can polish. At the very least, if you complete the challenge, you will be able to enjoy a sense of genuine accomplishment. I am actually beginning to look forward to November where I can see Cain sitting on his horse, or not quite a horse, on the ridge waiting for me, his hat pulled low over his eyes. I know he sees me. He misses nothing and I mean that in the worst ways you can imagine…


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