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Hara Hara!
February 22, 2017, 18:18
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I have a stinking cold, I am in bed and I have no intention of getting out of it.My brain is foggy and I ache all over. However I have looked at my Facebook on my phone…not up to turning on the computer. One of my friends has posted a beautiful picture of a state of the Hindu god Shiva which lifted my spirits a little.To be honest, I’m not sure there is a point in my house from which I can’t see a picture of Shiva, but I wasn’t looking 
My friend’s posting reminded me that this Saturday will be Mahashivratri as well as my wife Neelam’s birthday.The date of Shivratri is set by the position of the moon and Neelam was also born on Shivratri, so it’s a special day in many ways.I had hoped to mark this year with a full Shivratri fast, but I doubt I’m well enough. I did it once before and it’s the toughest fast I’ve ever done, but worth it for the sense of accomplishment at the end (probably totally the wrong reason, theologically, for doing it!)
The form of Saivism I follow is fiercely non-dualist. It has no personal God not object of worship. Everything is Shiva and Shiva is our consciousness. Our personal gods like everything else in creation are creations of our own mind. In the Siva Sutras what most people would consider organs for receiving information: eye, nose, skin, ear, are all organs of generation creating the world we experience. The world and our experience of it and of our individuality is entirely made up. Which means, damn it, so is my experience of being ill. When I’m feeling miserable I find comfort in the creation of a personal God, but it’s just a symptom of losing touch with the oneness. This is all made up and so is the reality that the picture of Shiva by my bedroom door is laughing at me (trust me, he really does change expression according to my mood!) 
I think I’ll get up, I am feeling much better and the picture of Shiva is looking unbearably smug! Hara Hara Mahadev!


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