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And I Bid You Goodnight
August 15, 2014, 16:48
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I like, when I can, to post a goodnight poem on Twitter. Needless to say, having only one hundred and forty characters enforces conciseness. Today’s blog is a selection of goodnight verses, but I shall preface them with Twitterverses about Twitterverses.

1. Sometimes I feel that I should put
    My poems into Google +
    I prefer to write in Twitter, but
   140 characters constricts me thus

2. Social media differs
     In the way one works upon it
     Twitter can bear but a quatrain
     Whereas Facebook can take a sonnet                        

3. Twitter used well
     As some people do
     Comes as close as I can tell
     To an internet Haiku

The following goodnight Twitterverses are punctuated and their abbreviations converted, they are in no particular chronological order.

So much I’d like to do and say,
but I’m too tired, here ends today.
However tomorrow I’ll be revived and bright,
I’ll say more tomorrow night.


Shattered, looking into the abyss;
There must, surely, be more to life than this.
The abyss is awfy deep,
It is time I went to sleep!


Please excuse me if I do not post
I’ve had four lovely days of the most
Enjoyable fun with my grandweans
Now I must rest, I’m all aches and pains


Today I have studiously rested,
Although my patience has been tested
In not doing all the things I need,
So that I can recover with speed.


I walked by the masts of Morrigan
Into the land of dreams.
Death may seem inevitable,
But nought is as it seems.

I go to bed, tears in my eyes,
My thoughts where Robin Williams lies.
Would that he could have carried on,
The night is darker now he’s gone.


Grandweans can run one ragged,
But I’ve had three days of fun
And now my nerves are jagged;
In, I am well and truly done!


With soft mattress and bouncy pillows
I set sail on nights dark billows,
Certain when I close my eyes,
I shall, into dreams, capsize.


As I lay me down to sleep
For Gaza’s children I shall weep,
And for the Israelis too
And the evil that they do.


In my ears the music rings
Elvis sings inside my head.
Rock and Roll has but one King
And Elvis is not dead.
Me, I’m away to bed!


Now I bid you goodnight,
And a very goodnight;
If today you felt sorrow,
May you feel joy tomorrow
In the new day’s light.

I’ve had a happy day,
Joyful thoughts fill my head
From a weekend of play,
And now it’s time for bed.


The best weekends
Are full of friends
Both old and new
With lots to do
Sharing fun
In the sun
My world’s alright
And so goodnight.


It’s hard to find, Mon Dieu,
A rhyme for Andre Rieu,
But now that’s out of my head
I can, at last, go to bed.


Today we did some walking
And quite a lot of talking.
It was a good day for us
We went sightseeing by bus.


Today was a day for the flicks
I saw an interesting mix,
Films and TV from all the world,
But best of all, The Glasgow Girls.


At last my day is done,
A day without the Sun;
There’s no cause for sorrow
Tomorrow will be fun,
A great day tomorrow.


I may, today,
Not have done
All I desired.
What can I say?
I did some,
And now I’m tired!


TV and politics,
Brit Nats and dirty tricks;
Enough to make one weep,
I’m better off asleep!


My body aches
So too my head;
I think that makes
It time for bed!


Today I have studiously rested
Although my patience has been tested
In not doing the things I need,
So I can recover with speed.

And in conclusion:
Pithiness is the order of the day
When you have only 140 characters
With which to play.
Distill well what you would say
And make every syllable pay.
(Needs editing to fit a tweet
Else it were complete)


Early Hours
September 23, 2013, 04:05
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And so, once again, as so often, I am awake at half past three when I should be sleep. I actually woke a couple of hours ago, but I’ve been lying in my bed going desperately that sleep might return, As so often it has not. I suppose I might find it easier to sleep if being awake were of less concern, but I worry I will not get the sleep I need. Eventually I find myself lying in the dark desperately struggling to nod off. I play soothing music, self hypnosis CDs, “I Can Make You Sleep” oh no you bloody can’t! I have grandparenting duties in a few hours and then a break until my nightshift, and so I am desperate to sleep, and the desperation keeps me awake. I understand the mechanism, but it’s not helping.

So now I am in a “break state”. I am up, sitting downstairs with a glass of “Gold Top” – bad for my waistline, good for my soul. As yet my cat’s soothing presence has not induced sleep, but sitting here beside him, as he gently purrs is quite relaxing, now that he’s given up head butting my arm to make me fuss him. Oops, I spoke, l or rather wrote, too soon, still he’s very pleasant company. I almost said, “in the silence”, but his purring is but one of many sounds in this long night. I shall shortly return to my bed , perhaps to sleep. Ok as I’m up I’ll just have a quick look at Facebook, hopefully that may provide an antidote to insomnia.


I Can Choose My Own Friends

As I look at all the notifications from the various social networks with which I have an account, I feel increasingly as though I am trapped in some sort of cyber holiday camp where red coats, or blue coats, are determined to make me have fun whether I like it or not.
When I was diagnosed with Asperger’s they said to me that they would send me details of social groups for people with Asperger’s, to which my wife responded, “I thought that was Facebook.”  To some extent she has a point, I do prefer to interact online. If there is one thing that annoys me, as it did when I was a child, is someone telling me with whom to play. I am perfectly capable of deciding the people with whom I want to interact without someone making suggestions. I am also more than a little fed up with the stream of suggestions for pages I should like.

Yesterday I had to report a page that presented itself into my timeline without any agreement on my part. I don’t mind country music stars pages, or pages connected to some television shows, but this was an appallingly racist site purporting to be a political party. I don’t mind some advertising on Facebook in order to pay for the service, but I do resent being forced to read racist filth presented as humour by an extremist right wing group. I am not even saying these people should not be allowed to be on Facebook, but they should not be allowed onto my timeline without my being asked and agreeing.

Oh Come On Facebook!
May 14, 2013, 21:55
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I used Facebook to campaign,
Now they are kicking up a fuss,
But I’m not going to complain
I can  always use Google Plus.
I contacted a lot of folk
In order to spread the word,
Seriously it is not a joke,
Facebook is often times absurd.
Should I be blamed for the amount
Of messages I choose to send?
It is, after all, my account
And I only sent them to my friends.
So I will do what I will do,
What if, of friends, I have oodles?
Facebook, that is enough from you,
Please don’t make me go to Google.

Trust Issues

That I have Asperger’s is no secret. That I have trust issues is not as readily apparent because I am always prepared to trust someone once, but once betrayed by them it may take years before I am even prepared to consider extending trust again. I have been betrayed, my personal space, my privacy has been invaded. I conceal little about myself, but I like to be the one who reveals myself. Generally I am not very worried about privacy because I have nothing to hide, but when someone else takes it upon themselves to snoop into my affairs I take exception, largely because it offends my sense of etiquette, it is grossly ill-mannered. I resent having nosey young people snooping in my personal accounts.

On the request of my manager I allowed another member of staff access to my login so that they could answer emails in the company’s inbox, it was not an entirely unreasonable request assuming, as I did, that my colleague was reasonable. Unfortunately she is not particularly bright and managed to delete all the contents of my “Sent” folder, leaving me with no record of emails sent to HR or Wages. I could let that go, people make mistakes, but then she pretended my manager had asked her to try and find the missing emails, I allowed hat back into my account. She had lied, rather than fixing her stupid mistake she went into my Facebook and posted updates. She thought she was being funny, she has not the wit to be funny. I do not consider it a joke when someone trespasses in my personal space and violated my privacy. What is totally unforgivable is her trying to pass off her banal and immature remarks as mine. Needless to say that is the last time I allow someone else to use my login. I am not always quick to forgive a hurt but I am slower to forget one.

Last night was not good, on top of having my personal space violated, my sense of order was assaulted by yet more staff changes. A company had a right to change shift patterns to meet demand, it has a right to allocate those shifts, but I do get upset when that entails moving people to whose presence I am used, particularly when they make my workplace more enjoyable. If they had asked me I could have given them a list of people to move off my shift, headed by the idiot who abused my Facebook!

Blogging From My Phone
January 27, 2013, 04:34
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As you may be aware I have set out to blog every day of this year, and so far things are going well. Personally I prefer to write my blogs on my laptop or on a PC. Sometimes my work schedule interferes with my plans, for example one of our managers tonight has happily logged himself into all the available PCs, so no one else can use them. On occasion, at home my internet drops out and so I cannot post from my PC. It is at times like this I turn to my phone.

In essence my procedure for blogging from my phone is the same as from my PC; I first draft the blog on Google Drive and then copy and paste it to WordPress. The WordPress app on Android lacks some of the functionality of the full program, but it is very easy to use.

Typing on my Android phone is very quick and easy because I use Swype; it is too quick and easy because Swype sometimes decides to substitute its own choice of word for the one I typed. This is not a problem as long as I notice it, but when typing quickly mistakes are easily overlooked. Before I copy my text to WordPress I read it over and correct it.

When I have my text pasted into WordPress I then put in any links I want, this in much easier on a PC than on my phone, but out can be done. On the PC it is also easier to add tags, on the phone I have to you’re each one, even the ones I use often. Finally  before posting my blog, I read it over again and make my last tweaks and corrections.

Once my blog is published I read it over again and usually discover some of my corrections haven’t happened. Fortunately it is easy to edit a post on WordPress. Finally I can sit back and relax until my friends start pointing out my spelling mistakes on Facebook. A last edit and then finally, I can sit back and relax until my friends start pointing out my spelling mistakes on Facebook (this last step may be repeated several times!)

WTF R kidz up 2?

A girl is quoted in the Daily Mail as saying, “As a girl, it’s normal to start putting raunchy pictures on Facebook at 13, and you feel you have to live up to that.”

It is becoming increasingly apparent to me that this world in which I now live is neither the world into which I was born, nor that in which I grew up, but rather it is a strange alien place, I am a stranger in a strange land. I am reasonably sure that when I was young, girls did not publish raunchy pictures of themselves. Of course when I was young there was no Facebook and the nearest we came to pornography was the magazine Health and Efficiency with its photos of naturists holding beachballs or ping pong bats. So what is it with the raunchy pictures? Don’t get me wrong I appreciate raunch as much as anyone, but there is appropriate raunch and inappropriate raunch, and teenagers posting semi clad and suggestive photos on the internet is definitely inappropriate raunch.
While obviously humans are to blame, what has made this disturbing behaviour possible is, one the internet, and two digital photography, particularly smart phones. Last century nude photographs had to be developed either by the photographer or sent to a select few processors who would handle that sort of content without passing it to the police. There was a time when the polaroid camera was the height of technology for people wanting to take candid snaps in the bedroom and there was little facility for sharing the pictures. Now anyone can take a photo, edit it and upload it to the internet in seconds. In the old days if someone wanted to publish something they had to make an effort. it required thought and planning, but now the act of uploading is so quick and easy people have shared before thinking of the consequences. Even in the early days of mobile phones the greatest damage too much vodka could cause would be inappropriate SMS messages; now with a little drink and with little encouragement, teenagers are exposing themselves to exploitation, derision or worse.

Remember when we were told not to talk to strangers? Today’s young people are supplying their intimate details along with intimate pictures to all sorts of predatory creatures, not only to those who wish to take advantage of them but also to the sort of cruel monsters who find it amusing to drive young people to suicide. The papers repeatedly draw attention to teenagers who, unable to bear anymore cyber-bullying, have killed themselves. It is no longer realistic to assert that it was not the bullies intention to cause death, they are aware of the possible consequences of their actions, therefore it is reasonable to infer that they actively want to cause death secure in the knowledge that they will escape justice. In the light of recent events every case of cyber-bullying should be considered as criminal assault or attempted murder and where the victim dies it should not be manslaughter but always classed as premeditated murder and punished accordingly.

Apparently child trafficking has risen by over eighty percent facilitated by the internet. I think we must be aware of the dangers of the internet, but we should not overreact, the internet can be a force for good. The internet must remain free, therefore it’s abuse must be severely punished to keep it so. Getting young people to expose themselves online is sexual abuse and should be punished severely, as should all child abuse.
We are privileged to have access to the internet and we have a responsibility to use it responsibly. Access to the internet is not a basic human right, prisoners have recently been allowed access on the grounds that it is a right, it is not. There is a hierarchy of rights, some like food, water and shelter are fundamental and should be enjoyed by all. I would argue that freedom of speech should be a fundamental right. However one person’s rights cannot be allowed to deprive another of their fundamental rights. The right of a child to grow in safety, free from abuse and exploitation is a fundamental right and those who have denied children that right should not be provided with the facility to continue. Even if access to the internet were a right, the abuse of the internet can never be. It is unreasonable for someone who deprives others of a fundamental right to then demand secondary rights. A child abuser still has a right to be treated as a human being, to food and shelter, and medical care, they even have a right to respect as a human being, but there their rights stop. No one has a right to abuse children, and in “abuse” I include treating children as a possession or commodity. Children are our most precious resource, our hope for the future  and our most important people, if we fail them we will destroy ourselves.


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